About Us

The Owensboro Ballroom Dance Club is governed by a board of directors who develop a calendar of dances, secure the location, make arrangements with the disc jockeys, plan each dance, and decorate the ballroom.  Our goal is to ensure that our guests have an enjoyable evening of dancing in Owensboro.  Meetings of the board are open to all and suggestions for improving our club are always welcome.  To attend a meeting please contact one of our board members for the time and place.


Lisa VanBussum, President 270-314-5010 lisavb61@gmail.com
Roger Richeson, Vice President 270-314-3644 rrcb90@att.net
Margie Richeson 270-314-3646 mkmardier@hotmail.com
Joey Barr 270-302-1691 joeybarr23@yahoo.com
Ellen Higdon, Public Relations 270-685-3741 eehigdon@roadrunner.com
  Owensboro Ballroom Dance Club, Dances are held in the National Guard Armory at 3300 Tamarack Road in Owensboro, KY 42301